What is Point Blank?

GIC 2017 Most Innovative Product Award

Our Story

Born in true entrepreneurial fashion, Point Blank was created in founder Josh Thompson’s kitchen.

A growing trend in the artisan specialty coffee world, we noticed something much more special and exciting about our new drink:

Point Blank gave us an amazing instant and natural energy boost.

With 65mg of caffeine per 100ml, we found that drinking Point Blank also:

- Optimises performance

- Accelerates fat loss

- Increases focus

- Decreases muscle pain

- Improves circulation

- Contains natural antioxidants


Our cold brewing process draws out the sweet chocolatey and caramel notes naturally found in coffee, dramatically enchancing the flavour and drinkability – so much so that even non coffee drinkers are enjoying the benefits of Point Blank

Point Blank is a natural energy drink that has no sugar, no fat, no additives, no preservatives, just 1 calorie and tastes smooth and sweet.